CareSignal – Modern way of connecting family, friends and caregivers

Times are changing and modern way of life prevents us, to devote more attention and care to the vulnerable members of society. We do not know, if they regularly take prescribed medication, regularly eat, what are their general and physical activities like, quality of sleep etc. With developed service, we achieve greater independence, relief of relatives/caregivers, better quality of care, higher reachability, detection and notification of irregular or adverse events. With this service we are always in touch with the people, which we worry about – in short: we are improving the quality of life.

With our help you can solve:

•    Unreachability and absence of elderly people receiving care.
•    Quality and promptness of nursing care.
•    Independent living capability decline.
•    Irregular use of medication.
•    Irregular meals.
•    Disturbed sleep.
•    Detection of inactivity.
•    Improper usage of utilities.

Sensor platform and sensors can be placed throughout the room anywhere, and for its functioning, there is no need for internet connection. Connectivity is provided through a mobile network. The service works completely non-invasive, the end user practically does not notice anything new, meaning he/she keeps living his normal lifestyle. Moreover, also the implementation of system installation, on the location is quick and non-disturbing.

Friends, family, and others, who want to be connected with the elderly, and those living alone, are through a mobile application (Android, iOS), – always and everywhere notified about what is currently happening in their domestic environment (flat, house). Relatives can also monitor whether the person activities stay within expectations.

Via mobile app you can easly see the information for each single activity, detected the location of the end user (elderly) and sequence of various actions. In this way, caregivers, relatives, and others always know what is happening with the person. The solution also allows hands-free voice communication with the end user and provides a high degree operational reliability. In the case of events, such as failure of the transmission telecommunications network, improper use, battery discharge etc., the system will automatically notify caregivers or other users about the difficulty of operation.

Key benefits of a solution:

  • Improved safety of elderly people
  • Greater independence of persons receiving care.
  • Relief of relatives or friends.
  • Better quality of nursing care.
  • High reachability.
  • Detection and notification of irregular or adverse event

Completely adjustable to user needs:

  • No video surveillance.
  • It operates even without internet.
  • Suitable for every home.
  • It respects the privacy and dignity of the elderly.

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