Power Utility Companies

In the power utility companies ICT systems represent supporting activities to the core activities, specific to each company. Nevertheless, the importance of the need for high availability and reliability of services in ICT infrastructure does not reduce. Moreover, the ICT systems besides traditional IT services for business informatics also provide communication support for the operation of various process systems, which are the core activity of power utility company. In this case, we are not talking only about access to the Internet/email, but about providing services for critical applications in the business process. Failure of such processes at a critical moment could mean great economic and material damage.

Power utility companies build their own optical infrastructure, which is the basis for highly available and reliable telecommunication network. In that area Smart Com has extensive experience regardless of the network type and technology used. We can offer:

  • Optical Transport Systems
  • Core Network Systems
  • Business Network Systems
  • Network Security Systems
  • IP Telephony and
  • OSS Systems.

We develop new solutions based on advanced information and communication technologies called Smart Grids. We take an active role in the Technology Platform SmartGrids, CIGRE-CIRED Association and EUTC. New concepts and technologies will enable a reliable and safe system operations and higher quality supply for customers.

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