Expert Services

Deeper insight into your systems reveals to our experts all the secrets and ensures that with our help you choose right steps

Expert services are based on our trained experts who have many years of experience and on most up-to date software and hardware. This includes services customized unique to your special needs, performed after consulting and in cooperation with your staff in order to determine:

  • applications capacity characteristics,
  • loads of equipment and its single parts,
  • traffic flows analyse in the network,
  • short- and long-term influence of planned changes,
  • information security status,
  • operating and maintenance procedures adequacy and
  • recommendations for improving the functionality and/or reliability of the network/applications.

Repair Services

Wide range of our technology partners assure you quick and efficient repair of failed equipment

Repair services are set of activities performed on the defective equipment. Failed equipment is delivered to Smart Com by our maintenance department or customer personally in order to fix it.

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