In-house Lab

State of the art measuring and testing equipment

One of the key factors to successful and high quality implementation of new technologies and solutions to Smart Com’s customers is their testing in in-house laboratory. Right infrastructure, measuring equipment, protocols analysers, performance analysers, and a wide range of communications equipment from different world-leading ICT manufacturers are conditions in which we test both, new technological solutions, as well as actual solutions before implementing and integrating to customer’s ICT environment. In this way solution suitability based on pre-planned procedures is confirmed.

The greatest advantage of Smart Com’s laboratory is the ability to verify the interoperability between different communications systems and equipment from different ICT manufacturers, which is usually used in customer’s communications networks.

As an independent systems integrator with a wide variety of in-depth knowledge of ICT equipment, Smart Com enables mutual interoperability between different building blocks. This is also the foundation for lowering investment costs.

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