Integration Services

Systems and software integration as a project

Integrating ICT systems and software represents interactive set of activities from equipment ordering, deployment and testing to final successful implementation. Smart Com has project teams and its own experts, providing integration services for comprehensive solutions designed for enterprise and infrastructure companies. Strong application development and software integration ensure successful application solutions as well.

International certified and well trained project managers take care of optimum planning, coordination with clients and contractors, change management, above all reporting to clients and management.

Successful project implementation includes:

  • preliminary work for installing IC equipment at the locations,
  • equipment construction and testing in our own lab before implemented it on-site,
  • on-site implementation with configuration and settings,
  • software loading and parameterizing, integration with other systems and initial data entry,
  • systems and single elements testing and measuring,
  • deployment and
  • project ending involving analysis of planned and achieved project goals, documentation and final reporting.
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