Support and Assistance

Maintenance services support undisturbed activity of your ICT systems throughout their entire lifetime.  We provide you with system functioning overview and assist in case of unexpected events. If dysfunction appears, we take care of its elimination as quickly as possible, set up a temporary solution, analyse the problem and after finding out the cause for dysfunction we implement long lasting solution. Maintenance services are provided at client’s location or on-site.

Services package designed to meet your expectations can include:

  • 24/7 availability,
  • intervention at technical problems issues,
  • field inspections,
  • hardware and software technical support,
  • advance hardware replacement,
  • periodic preventative inspections and
  • software updating and reporting.


Service Desk

T: +386 1 5308 270
F: +386 1 5308 271


Operational Support Services

Expert knowledge and reliable operational management for your vital systems

Operational support services complement client’s activities relating to ICT systems control, management and modernization. It can be performed remotely or at client’s location.

Services package designed to meet your expectations can include:

  • control over the systems operation,
  • regular remote system verifications and regular on-site inspections,
  • periodical network inspections at client’s location,
  • communication and security equipment parameterizing,
  • running system documentation,
  • reporting and new suggestions for system functionality improvement,
  • customer support,
  • server and software infrastructure managing and
  • management and coordination of construction


Technical Support Services

Knowledge, experience and reliability are values we want to share with you

Technical support services are present at system lifetime for the longest so it is very important who to trust this essential task. Regular maintenance, successful troubleshooting, well timed required measures and system upgrades lead to not only longer system lifetime but also to lower operating costs at longer investment cycle.

Existing customers evaluate technical support services as top quality and trustworthy. More than anything appreciates our attitude to problem solving and immediate response at critical events.

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