Access Systems

Access systems enable service offering to different market segments such as residential users, micro, small and medium enterprises and large corporations.

Smart Com as a system integrator designs access system solutions based either on its own products or products from our partners.

Own Brand VDSL – VDSL2 – SVD

VDSL2 DSLAM is an ideal solution for users in corporate environments, as well as for residential users, especially in case when very high bandwidth speeds are required on existing copper wire infrastructure. Support of advanced QoS functionalities addresses customer’s needs to provide triple play services (voice, data and video) on IP networks.

Integrated DSL and GPON systems

Engineers in Smart Com design access solutions networks based on common software/hardware platform. Its advantages are all the technologies mentioned below combined within single network element.

Access networks can be based on access media roughly divided into:

  • Optical fiber (GPON and point – point)
  • Copper-pair cable (xDSL – ADSL1, ADSL2, ADSL2 +, READSL2, VDSL1, VDSL2, SHDSL).
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