Core Network Systems (IP/MPLS, Ethernet networks)

Network designed for new generations of Services

Ethernet technology is in modern networks the basis for IP/MPLS networks, where high reliability and wide range of functionality are provided. Ethernet networks enable broadband access for end-users to the backbone network and communication over optical fiber using Ethernet technology.

Backbone network, which is the central part of the network, lets users connect to the data center, Internet, provides transport network for mobile networks and connecting networks of different internet service providers.

The most important characteristics of the backbone network are:

  • providing high bandwidth,
  • low delays in data transmission at high network availability,
  • ease of network management and
  • function multi service network through virtualization services.

Based on many years of experience we can offer you a quality and comprehensive assistance in network planning, installation, management and maintenance. Networks are built to ensure adequate quality, reliability and availability for new service implementation.

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