IPTV Systems

A picture is worth a thousand words – moving picture even more.

Video allows us to express much more than just “information”. This is the most powerful communication media: seeing-is-believing, hearing means understanding.

Design, implementation and maintenance of video systems based on IP protocols in Smart Com dates back to the late nineties. Many successful projects in the field of Internet Service Providers, Healthcare and business networks helped us to build knowledge base and experience needed to ensure the reliable video services.

IPTV, IP Video, Streaming Media, Video-over-IP and Networked Video

General understanding is that all terms listed above share the same meaning – to use the proven effectiveness of video and use it at modern networks. Modern network infrastructures advantages lie in their incredible flexibility, low costs and ability to be simultaneously in multiple locations.

Video IP enables cost-effective dissemination of video signals to companies of any size. Video network reduces the cost of long distance travel and administration – regardless to your interfaces being PCs, TVs, plasma monitors or projectors.

Examples of IPTV successful deployment can be found all over the world. Most modern service providers are introducing IPTV services in their networks. In a highly competitive environment, their main challenge is to find cost-effective means for achieving an attractive scheme of TV program contents based on interaction with high quality video in order to satisfy their customers.

IPTV Systems for telecommunication service providers

Video systems for telecommunication service providers include solutions that bring additional income with the help of video services, introduction of new video content services and renewing and upgrading existing infrastructure.

IPTV Headend

Video headend includes components necessary for realization of the basic IPTV services, i.e. reception, processing and transmission of several TV and RA programs. Headend is in most cases integral part of solutions for Telco IPTV or CATV operators and in fewer cases also, video systems in business environment.

Antenna Systems

Antenna systems consist of systems that are designed to adopt satellite and terrestrial TV and RA programs. Antenna systems are included in projects based on customer requirements, together with selected subcontractors.

Digital Receivers

Digital receivers receive satellite or terrestrial video signals which are in the process of demodulation and decoding converted into a suitable form for further processing.

Video processing (encoding, transcoding, streaming, limiting bit flow…)

In the video processor part, the video signal processing is carried out through phases of de-multiplexing, multiplexing, encoding, control, guidance and encapsulation to a form suitable for broadcasting and transmitting over a network. Video processor is the central point of the basic IPTV service, where a set of TV and RA programs are broadcasted to the network.

IPTV Systems for business users

Nowadays there are many opportunities for the use of video in corporate environments. Video allows us to express much more than just “information”.

Systems introduced for business environment, enable:

  • Immediate access to current information and video content,
  • Access to the recorded video or TV channels,
  • Search the recorded video content,
  • Automatic recording based on predefined schedules,
  • Processing of recorded content,
  • Playback of recorded content such as video or school electronic documentation,
  • Transmitted in selected time periods or as video on demand,
  • Management of video content,
  • Regulate access rights to the video content.

Digital business TV for live broadcasting and for video on demand is very suitable in the following environments:

  • for watching live news, video content browsing: TV production houses provide an easy and flexible access to video content,
  • Investment, financial firms and brokerage firms provide instant access to information from the global economy, market analysis, interviews with leading business authorities and financial news monitoring, which is crucial for success of the bankers, managers, securities dealers and fund managers,
  • Manufacturing and service companies, various institutions wish to offer their employees live or own video channel.

For education and healthcare purposes it is very important that the video content (e.g. lectures or surgeries) can be stored, processed and later on used for instant access, analysis, playing, learning…

IP video systems for education and healthcare enable:

  • Surgery monitoring or distance live learning,
  • Interactive communication with professors, doctors or surgeons,
  • Surgical assistance in real time,
  • Documents recording and archiving,
  • Extracts and learning videos,
  • Transmitted in selected time periods or as video on demand,
  • Video content management,
  • Video content access rights regulation.
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