Optical Transport Systems

Are you already on the main road?

With the »wave of virtualization« the structure of the servers, users and interconnecting paths will be changed. Software and hardware vendors are working on solution enabling the virtualization of the personal computer. The »Service in the Cloud« is the new paradigm of the information technology world.

In »The Cloud« the quality of the service experienced by the user having a multitude of interactive connection to servers at different locations depending on the delay of the signals and the jitter and synchronization of different events in the network.

The right approaches to the network design offering long term networking solution are of primary importance for services covering:

  • Data storage interconnections
  • Utility companies Smart Grid 2.0 networks
  • Mobile networks UMTS, LTE…
  • Business system network interconnection for financial institutions

At Smart Com we have the experience and knowledge allowing us to work hand in hand with you to design and implement new transport networks offering long term quality and capacity for the services in your network.

Solutions we implement are based on new technologies like OTN (Optical Transport Network), CE (Carrier Ethernet) in accordance with recommendations and standards from the responsible international organizations.


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