Business users

A robust, highly available business networks and secure user mobility

When building a communication infrastructure, companies must have in place a high-quality infrastructure, i.e. a business network that supports the voice and video communication as well as secure and easy user mobility across the company, while manufacturing companies also have to take care of the sensitive automation processes.

High network availability

At the network equipment level, a business network becomes highly available with the introduction of network equipment and power supply duplication.

At the level of network design, this happens with the introduction of 1st level physical paths and 2nd and 3rd level redundancies in line with the OSI reference model, while simultaneously fulfilling the minimisation of human errors requirement.

At the server level, high availability is achieved by the dual-linking of servers to different switches.

Providing user mobility

Increased mobility of users is reflected in the business processes performed in automated product lines.

In addition to providing connectivity for users, a modern wireless business network and infrastructure must also meet various other requirements, mainly in terms of security, availability, and the ability to download various services.

A robust and stable network

A robust and stable business network is ensured by the introduction and application of various security mechanisms at the network equipment level.

These security mechanisms are:

  • Support in dumping the DHCP traffic from unknown sources;
  • Protection against loops within the network;
  • Protection of network equipment against various attacks (DoS);
  • Network protection against broadcast, multicast and unicast overloads:
  • Support for SSH and SNMPv3 network equipment administration protocols; and
  • Filtering or traffic restriction on the L2/L3/L4 network layer.

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