The healthcare sector

The use of modern technologies for best patient care

Technological changes are increasingly affecting the healthcare system. The digitisation and computerisation are changing the way healthcare institutions operate. Although they both bring many advantages, they also create many challenges.


The use of obsolete and incompatible systems


Connecting the once closed systems to the Internet


A poor response and communication errors can threaten a life


The protection of (sensitive) personal information

Modern healthcare delivery models require digital transformation

A cloud network makes it easy for administrators to access clinical data and to share information.

The analytical and research data create and provide new insights into the entire process.

Smart medical devices monitor the vital signs of individuals and allow greater control over their health.

Telemedicine provides high-quality healthcare to a higher number of people from remote locations.

The management of sensitive patient personal information

Since the GDPR regulation became effective, taxpayers have been increasingly under scrutiny, which makes the issue of security even more important.

Do you protect sensitive data in accordance with GDPR?

Healthcare as part of the critical infrastructure

The protection or cyber security of the critical infrastructure has become one of the major issues when it comes to national security and economic stability.

A comprehensive insight and control in real time

Centrally manage and control the tracking of your critical systems and devices, such as medical gas system, air-conditioning system, cameras etc. This allows you to access the relevant data at all times as well as the information on the status and communication between the elements in real time.

Your critical systems will never stop working in case of a hacker attack, as you will have access to a complete overview of security threats as well as tools for a quick response to such risks in real time.

Why opt for the Smart Com team

Providing a powerful network infrastructure is of vital importance for the protection and maintenance of as well as access to the most important assets and (re)sources.


Our team includes more than 60 experts active in network technology and cyber security.


Our team of experts is constantly learning and upgrading their knowledge, which is demonstrated by numerous professional certificates.

Service Centre

We have established a service model that allows our clients a controlled impact on costs optimisation in the set-up and management of ICT systems.

Technology partners

We work with global leaders in specific technology segments

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