Wi-Fi networks

The main advantages of Wi-Fi networks

With the introduction of 802.11ax protocols, the provision of services on Wi-Fi networks will achieve new quality.


A simple infrastructure layout

Unlike conventional networks, setting up a Wi-Fi network
requires just a little more than an access point.

Traffic throughput

Sufficient for all services
in business networks.


Adding new users is easy and
requires no additional infrastructure.

The future is now – 802.11ax!

The individual segments of power supply company networks, industrial networks running critical processes, and infrastructure company networks are established with solutions based on the 802.11ax standards.

For the first time, an Access Point (AP) according to the 802.11ax standard will be able to simultaneously communicate with a large number of clients thanks to the OFDMA access (Orthogonal frequency-division multiple access). This opens up a new IoT field that has so far only been covered by the 802.11ah standard.

In a multi-user environment or in an environment requiring a high bandwidth, the 802.11ax-based APs will respond to communication needs, all from data transfer and VoWi-Fi to video streams.

Four times the speed of AP in accordance with the 802.11ac standard, i.e. multiple simultaneously connected mobile users, will be achieved when most of the mobile client equipment will operate in the new standard.

The 802.11ax-compliant equipment, which is compatible in terms of lower versions, allows mobile users to operate in accordance with the older standards.

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Wi-Fi cloud services

Traditional WLAN solutions, which are more than a decade old and based on antiquated, monolithic architectures, lack the scale, reliability, performance, and agility they need to address today’s challenging and diverse enterprise needs.

WLAN platform for the digital era

Automate your wired and wireless operations.

Transform your business with a modern microservices cloud architecture and inline engine that provides outstanding scale, agility, insight, and automation.

Start building the new enterprise network, powered by AI.


Are Wi-Fi solutions the right choice for your business network?

Our network technology experts can help you prepare optimal technology solutions to build modern business Wi-Fi networks. Present us with your challenge.

Our competency advantages

Reasons to trust our team with setting up a modern Wi-Fi network.

Team of experts

Our team of network technology experts implements advanced business and industrial networks.

International certificates

We are defined by our knowledge of modern technologies and trends in the development of Wi-Fi networks.

An integrated approach

We cooperate in the tasks of design, implementation and maintenance of Wi-Fi networks established with modern technologies.

Service centre

We provide 24/7 technical support.

Partners in the field of technology

We work with global leaders in specific technology segments.

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