Security review

Misuse is real and it can happen to anyone

Security vulnerabilities or deficiencies represent a major security threat to information systems.


Vulnerable software

Software errors allow for a whole range of malpractices that can be minimised by proper use and deployment.
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Vulnerable technologies

Failure to follow safe programming instructions.

The human factor

Poorly defined processes, bad habits, and unfamiliarity with the environment are an ideal starting point for any misuse.

Abuse is easy

Today, abuse can be committed by anyone. It is not only limited to a handful of experts possessing specific technical skills.

There are many cost-free databases, portals, libraries, and functional gadgets (programs) available on the internet, with detailed instructions on how to take advantage of vulnerabilities to carry out an attack.

No one is safe just because there seems to be nobody interested enough to attack their systems. After all, a hacker can be hired on the darknet, which is the hidden part of the Internet.

In light of the modern security threats, a security check can be at least very beneficial, if not absolutely necessary.

Ensure security in a proactive manner

Independent security screening identifies potential vulnerabilities and security risks in advance in order to prevent misuse.

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Active monitoring for attempted misuse


Forensics – a misuse analysis

Digital threats are becoming sophisticated and covert

As the attacks on digital business environments have intensified in recent years, companies must increase the level of protection.

Cybersecurity in OT environments


Employee cybersecurity awareness


Why can you trust us with the review of your cybersecurity?

As external independent consultants with in-depth knowledge and experience based on mutual trust and respect for data confidentiality, we can objectively assess the level of client’s security.


Testing is performed in environments where we do not act as a contractor, i.e. information system maintenance staff.


Confirmed by the certificates obtained (CEH, LPT, ECSA).


Over 60 security checks performed

A certified team of ethical hackers

We are constantly upgrading our skills in global courses and specialised trainings.


Minimise the possibility of a successful attack

An independent security review reveals the greatest vulnerabilities and analyses the state of a client’s IS environment, providing recommendations and instructions for the removal of such vulnerabilities.

Partners in the field of technology

We cooperate with global leaders in the field of information systems security.

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