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Why opt for Smart Com Service Centre

The management of information and communication systems and their sustainable development are an extremely challenging task. If you opt for the Smart Com Service Centre as your partner in the operation of your systems, you will be able to benefit from a controlled effect on cost optimisation in building and managing your information infrastructure.


Risk mitigation

Designing the right level of service and reliability, as well as the excellence of the chosen partner, reduces the operational risks and extends the time of an efficient use of the information infrastructure.

Alignment of the objectives

The services are tailored to your business and operational goals.

Cost reduction

Reducing the costs of owning and maintaining the adequate life cycle dynamics in information and communication systems.

Flexible set of services

With a flexible set of services, you can choose the ones that best meet your requirements. The Service Centre enables a controlled effect on cost optimisation in building and managing your IT infrastructure.

Own laboratory

We follow high standards when introducing new technologies and solutions, which is also the result of testing carried out in our own laboratory. Adequate infrastructure, measuring equipment, protocol and performance analysers, and a wide range of communication equipment from different manufacturers create conditions in which we test both the new technological as well as concrete solutions before implementing and integrating them into the infrastructure of our client.

Upon request, we perform testing in our laboratory where, based on the pre-planned procedures, the solution’s suitability is confirmed before being integrated into your environment. One of the major advantages of our laboratory is the ability to check the interoperability across different communication systems and equipment from different manufacturers that is usually installed in client ICT systems.

Specialist services

An in-depth insight into the operation of your ICT systems allows our specialists to understand every principle of their operation, thus making sure you make the right steps in the design, management and monitoring of your ICT system. Expert analyses are the result of long-standing experience demonstrated by our specialists, and the use of state-of-the-art tools that we have adapted to your needs.

This includes services that are provided after consultation and in collaboration with your staff, in order to determine:
1. the performance properties of applications,
2. the workload of equipment or of its components,
3. traffic flows in the network,
4. the short-term and long-term effect of planned changes,
5. the state of information security,
6. the adequacy of operating and maintenance procedures, and
7. the preparation of proposals for improving the functioning of application and infrastructure systems.

Expert analyses

Expert analyses are the result of the long-standing experience gathered by our experts.

Pretocni testi

Flow tests

A testing in the flow properties of a network
Analiza aplikacij

Application responsiveness analysis

An analysis of delays or disruptions of your business applications
prometna analiza omrezij

Network traffic analysis

An improvement in the efficiency of the network and securing its further development

Project documentation

We prepare project documentation in the field of IT and telecommunications for the implementation of engineering projects; alternatively, we offer project design as a completely independent service.

As per adequate project documentation, we work with the investor (client) in all stages of the investment process:

  1. situation analysis and assessment of requirements,
  2. planning,
  3. construction and operation,
  4. maintenance.

Consulting services

To a large extent, the selection of the best ICT solutions and their effective deployment in the client’s business environment depends on the approach taken at each stage of the selected solution’s life cycle.

In cooperation with the client, we examine both the technological and business aspects that will allow you to meet your goals and your business requirements both when planning the investment and during its eventual use.

We provide consulting services in the form of consulting days, workshops, trainings or through the production of studies, conceptual designs, analyses, and investment studies. The content and scope that are usually defined in a project assignment are tailored to your requirements and expectations based on prior harmonisation.

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