Protection against targeted attacks

Advantages of targeted attack protection solutions

Since the existing cybersecurity systems are based on known attacks and predict the prevention of only static threats, there is a need for a different system to cope with advanced targeted attacks.



The detection of advanced cyberattacks is a dynamic process.
varnostni incidenti


Prevention of advanced security threats.
kibernetska varnost

Comprehensive protection

Control over emails, web traffic and end stations.

Comprehensive protection

In order to ensure a comprehensive protection against advanced targeted attacks, set up a system to exchange detected data, which stops attacks at their source. This way you can control the three key attack vectors, i.e. email, web traffic and end stations. The system exchanges the detected data and stops attacks at their source.


The course of a targeted attack

An advanced targeted attack against an information system takes place in several stages.

Stevilka ena

Gathering information about a potential victim

Stevilka dva

Finding the network entry point

Stevilka tri

Establishing connection from the victim's computer to the Internet

Stevilka stiri

Engaging in the network lateral movement

Stevilka pet

Discovering resources and data

Stevilka sest

Data theft


Protect the information system against targeted attacks

Are you wondering which solution is right for you? Our cybersecurity experts can help you.

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Reasons to entrust us with the establishment of mechanisms designed to protect your information system against targeted attacks

A team of cybersecurity experts

We specialise in deploying advanced cybersecurity technology solutions.


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The developed technical solutions are verified in our own state-of-the-art laboratory.

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We work with global leaders in specific technology segments to establish the system ICT solutions.

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