Technical support

Knowledge, experience and reliability

The technical support services accompany the system’s lifespan over the longest period, so it matters greatly whom you trust with this important task. When selecting a right partner, you will be able to guarantee lower running costs with a long investment cycle.


Quality and reliability


Positive attitude towards problem solving


High responsiveness in critical events

Operational support services

These services are designed to supplement the client’s resources in carrying out regular activities of the control, management and updating of the information and communication system. Operational support services are provided either at the client’s location or remotely.

The scope of services tailored to the client’s service package:

  • control over the operation of systems,
  • periodical and remote check-ups for the status of systems and regular checks-ups at your location,
  • periodical reviews of the network at your location,
  • parametering the communication equipment and electronic security equipment,
  • system documentation maintenance,
  • reports and drafts of proposals to improve the functioning of the system,
  • customer support,
  • responsibility for server and software infrastructure,
  • management and coordination of work carried out by other contractors.
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Maintenance services

They comprise a wide range of services allowing a smooth operation of your IC systems throughout its entire life span. We provide an insight into how systems work and help prevent incidents, so clients can be prepared for them. In case of a system malfunction, we make sure that it is dealt with as quickly as possible, establish a temporary solution, analyse the problem, eliminate the causes for malfunction, and establish a permanent solution. The maintenance services are provided either at the client’s location or remotely.

The scope of services to be tailored to your service package according to your requirements:

  • readiness,
  • sign-up interventions,
  • on-site reviews,
  • arrangement of services by manufacturers,
  • replacement of units in advance,
  • lease of replacement equipment,
  • hardware and software support,
  • periodic preventive system inspections,
  • software upgrades,
  • periodic reports.
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Service centre

We have designed a wide range of services that support ICT solutions throughout their entire life cycle. From a flexible range of services, customers can choose the ones that best meet their requirements.

Specialist services

Expert analyses are the result of long-standing experience demonstrated by our specialists, and the use of state-of-the-art tools that we have adapted to your needs. This includes services that are provided upon consultation and in collaboration with your team of experts, in order to determine:

  • the performance properties of applications,
  • the workload of the equipment or its components,
  • the traffic flows on the network,
  • the short- and long-term impact of the planned changes,
  • the state of information security,
  • the adequacy of operating and maintenance procedures,
  • the preparation of proposals to improve the performance of application and infrastructure systems.

Service repairs

Service repairs are a scope of activities that must be performed on defective equipment. Have defective equipment delivered either by your own staff or via our maintenance service to Smart Com, where our team of specialists will repair the defect.

A wide network of technology partners and adequate organisation allow us to repair your equipment quickly and efficiently.

Why opt for Smart Com technical support services?

We have acquired the trust of more than 130 contractual clients.

Response time

Our average response is less than 5 minutes.

Re-establishment of operation

The average time needed for the re-establishment of operation is less than two hours.

High number of solved cases

Over 90% of all cases are resolved within four hours, with over 99% being resolved within eight hours.

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