A multi-location network control solution

Based on years of experience in solving the most pressing problems in communication networks, Smart Com has developed the SmartNIM solution, which provides an insight into the operation of dispersed networks.

The SmartNIM solution provides continuous network monitoring, which not only allows alerts, but also knows the quality of your network and network services at all times as well as their behaviour through time.


Improved reliability

Detect and troubleshoot complex network and network services issues
(DNS, DHCP, NTP, Radius, etc.) faster.

Price efficiency

Any downtime represents a cost. This is never more true than when it comes
to a downtime that prevents a high number of users from working.

Improved user productivity

Continuous access to infrastructure resources enables continuous
work and better user satisfaction.

You need to control the quality of your network services

The quality of the information services on which the business of the company is based on is directly affected by the operation of the communication network:

  • loss of connectivity with the World Wide Web,
  • unreliable links between business units,
  • poor response times of key business applications,
  • review of communications service provider.

For this reason, a continuous monitoring of network control is of the utmost importance for the overall service quality control within IP networks, and it can be implemented by the introduction of the SmartNIM solution.

A network infrastructure monitoring solution

The SmartNIM system Network Infrastructure Monitoring is a solution that enables an active 24/7 network infrastructure control to support the operation of IT services.

The system consists of two functionality sets, i.e. the active SmartNIM probes and the SmartSNO central data, reporting, and media system.

The SmartNIM probes are deployed at the vital/key locations within the network, where they perform active monitoring of the network infrastructure both of the connectivity parameters (packet loss, bypass time, jitter, bandwidth, MTU verification, etc.) as well as network services (DNS, DHCP, NTP, etc.).

A company can monitor the most important of the network infrastructure health information through the SmartNIM dashboard, or connect the solution to the SmartSNO or the existing network monitoring system.

Because probes can mimic user performance, a company is able to detect potential problems before they affect the performance of users.

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How does the SmartNIM solution work?


Detect problems before users are affected

Take the future of the network into your own hands. Implement the SmartNIM solution and detect problems even before users report them.

Why choose SmartNIM monitoring solution?


Based on several years of experience working with clients in various industries, our team provides a comprehensive overview of challenges emerging in the provision of quality communications services.

Research and development

We have our own development team that develops technologically advanced solutions based on the needs and challenges identified in the market.

A verified solution

The SmartNIM solution is used by our customers in Slovenia to control the IC infrastructure either independently or in relation with the SmartSNO solution

Service Centre

Within the service centre, we provide regular maintenance, upgrades, and additions to the system, as well as expert advice.

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