Transport networks

The new generation transport networks

An efficient communication network is a reflection of adaptability in services transmitted over the network. Newly-emerged services, which demand a higher quality and transmission capacity, also require an increasing number of new approaches to network design.


The MPLS-Transport profile and SDN

Transmission networks have become more deterministic, since control functionality is physically separated from the data traffic functionality.

Hardware programmability

The Network Functionality Virtualisation (NFV) allows the establishment of network equipment that is adapted to the specific environment.
nadzorni center

A modern control system

The system provides a simple overview of the transport network operation (display of irregularities, parameters, the flow of services on each used OSI layer and between all used OSI layers).

The impact of 5G on transportation networks

When deploying a 5G mobile network, it is crucial to ensure responsiveness, reliability and, above all, control over transportation networks.

This is secured by the introduction of modern POT-S networks with integrated functionality on the L0, L1, L2, L2, 5 layers and by the implementation of SDN.

This provides an integrated solution in all parts of the network, from connecting antennas and base stations to securing backbone transport connections used for mobile networks.

In doing so, we use new approaches to establishing open optical transport networks, which have an integrated L0, L1, L2, L2, 5 functionality in compact housings. This optimises the investment costs and energy consumption.

What about data transport carried out across business networks?

The need for large data transfer capacities in business networks is addressed by setting up redundant data centres and securing a transfer to cloud services. In doing so, we provide a secure communication link that allows the lowest latency degrees on the physical layer, while also providing the best end user experience in information services.


Present us with your challenge.

Our network technology experts will help you select, prepare and deploy technologically advanced transportation network solutions. Present your challenge, and we will be glad to review it.

Why work with our team?

Our team has experience and knowledge in setting up and implementing advanced transportation networks.


A team of experts with certified knowledge and years of experience in the field of transportation networks

Knowledge in international standards

Solutions are prepared in line with the guidelines by well established international organisations (OTN – Optical Transport Network, Carrier Ethernet).

Service centre

We create added value for our customers and partners when it comes to the design, implementation and maintenance of transportation networks.

Partners in the field of technology

We work with global leaders in specific technology segments.

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