The GDPR compliance

Do you protect personal data in line with the GDPR provisions?

25. 5. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective in 2018.
The regulation sets out stricts rules when it comes to personal data protection.

Why is GDPR important?

GDPR is a turning point because it represents the start of a process ensuring that organisations comply with the uniform rules.

We have prepared an overview of technological solutions to ensure the GDPR compliance, which also enhance the cyber-security of the organisation.

Steps to achieve compliance

Every technological solution that you introduce to ensure compliance with the GDPR will enhance cybersecurity in the organisation and help improve its business processes.

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What are the biggest risks when it comes to the compliance with legislation in terms of databases and information systems?
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Is your data adequately protected against external attacks and abuse?
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Can you detect and evaluate the extent of personal data breaches or a security incident?
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Can you respond quickly and stop a security incident as well as limit its consequences?

Are you prepared?

We would be happy to review your case and advise on the choice and implementation of an optimal technological solution that is both friendly, functional and GDPR-compliant.

Why opt for the Smart Com team?

Technology partners

We cooperate with leaders in the field of technology.

Due diligence in handling sensitive data

We are certified to handle sensitive data.

Technical support

In the framework of our service centre, we provide a 24/7 phone call support.

Partners in the field of technology

We work with global leaders in specific technology segments

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