Network Fabric

The Backbone of the Digital Business

Digital transformation — and the influx of advanced technology that it brings onto your network — requires networking that easily adapts to changing business needs. Old legacy network can no longer keep pace with the speed of innovation and rapid business changes. Key challenges that Fabric can help solve.


Outdated designs

Tradicionalno načrtovana omrežja so desetletja ostajala nespremenjena, z uporabo protokolov starih tudi 30 let.

Manual configuration


Too much complexity

Veliko število omrežnih protokolov STP, OSPF, PIM in BGP, ki jih je potrebno poznati in upravljati.
kibernetska varnost

Vulnerability to breaches

Varnost  je danes primarna skrb in naloga sodobnega poslovanja.

What’s needed is a simpler, automated, and secure network environment

As organizations rapidly adopt new technologies, applications, and delivery models, they’re rendering traditional network design obsolete. From IoT, BYOD, to more requests for support of more real-time, bandwitdth-intensive traffic such as video and rapid growth of hybrid cloud traditional networking technology is no longer suitable for digital business environment.

Today’s network has to support business growth and offering simplicity, flexibility, and resiliency with inherent security.

The answer is Fabric Networking!

The Benefits of Fabric Networking

Transform your network architecture  to reduce costs while enhancing reliability, availability, overall performance, and the productivity of
network-operations teams and end-users.

Stevilka ena

Improved time-to-service

Stevilka dva

No downtime for human error

Stevilka tri

Better resiliency

Stevilka stiri

Enhanced security

Stevilka pet

Integrated wired and wireless

Stevilka sest

Enhanced quality of experience (QoE)

Success story Elektro Celje

If you are in the process of upgrading or modernizing your network infrastructure, it is an ideal opportunity to consider implementing fabric networking technology to increase the level of automation cybersecurity and simplify its management.

Read how they did this in Elektro Celje, a major electricity distribution company in Slovenia and what positive effects they have been already experiencing.

Switch from traditional to fabric networking

The use of fabric networking in modern campus and data center environments can help address different challenges in today’s dynamic and mobile workplace.

Fabric Connect

Data Center Fabric


Choose the right solution for your network requirements

New infrastructure is an investment after all, so you want to choose a solution that meets your needs now but can grow with you as your business needs evolve.

Fabric Connect - Networking for the Digital Era

New, simpler way to design, build, manage and troubleshoot networks. Say goodbye to the complex and inflexible networks.


Lack of Network Agility and Automation


Flat IP network vulnerable to breach

kibernetska varnost

Secure attachments and isolation of IoT devices


Performance of critical applications

One of the most agile and simple networking technologies

SPB or Fabric Connect takes a completely different approach by enabling just a single protocol to be used for all your network services, including your Layer 2 services, your VRFs or network segments and even your multicast.


10 Key Attributes of Fabric Connect

Why Fabric Connect Provides the Right Foundation for your Business

The right fabric technology will allow you to easily automate the secure attachment of IoT devices and enhance security by reducing the attack surface and preventing lateral movements. It will also increase agility and streamline operations with automation of network services and zero-touch provisioning.

With Fabric Connect, you can say goodbye to the complex and inflexible networks of the past and move towards a network that will enable you to be more responsive to organization’s needs, reduce operations costs and increase their ability to innovate.

Our lead expert recommends

Guidelines for designing modern business networks

“With fabric architecture, businesses can simplify and enable greater network operation efficiency as the basis of digital transformation and move to network architecture that will enable them to be more responsive, reduce costs and increase their ability to innovate,” says Marko Cizelj, Head of Networking Department.

Next evolution in networking technology is here.


How can I get started?

Would you like to know how to design a next-generation netwok that easily adapts to changing business needs?

Our experts for networking would be more than happy to help you.

Why opt for the Smart Com team?

Reasons to trust our team with setting up modern fabric networking that enables automation and enhances visibility.


We specialize in establishing modern networking technology concepts.

Own laboratory

The developed technical solutions are verified in our own state-of-the-art laboratory.

Technical support

We provide 24/7 technical support at the service centre.

Partners in the field of technology

We cooperate with global leaders in the field of network technology.

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