Secure data erasure

Remove data from your IT assets

A secure data erasure from media must be performed by the use of certified tools, so no sensitive data remains on the media. An efficient erasure requires an audit trail that demonstrates compliance with data retention and destruction regulations.

Solutions for safe data erasure from computers and servers

Data erasure is a method recommended by Gartner, NIST and ISO. It must be performed properly, by the use of certified tools so no sensitive data remains on the media. The Blancco data erasure solutions are tested, certified and compliant with strict requirements set by government agencies, legal authorities, and independent testing laboratories.

How to safely remove data from computers and servers?

By means of the secure Blancco data erasure solution data is erased on exhausted drives and servers, as well as on active files, virtual machines and logical networks. It does not matter if you use a private data centre, co-location services or a third-party cloud provider to store your data.

Erasure of disks
Safely delete sensitive data from magnetic disks and complex SSDs on desktops, laptops, and servers.

Deletion of files
Use the advanced file fragmentation recognition tool to guarantee secure erasure of sensitive files and folders (with the possibility of automation).

Deletion of data from drives
Erase data from USB drives, SD cards, micro drives, CompactFlash cards and other flash memory devices.

The solution enables centralised erasure management reporting across all IT assets, thus ensuring compliance with the GDPR regulations and personal data management security policy.

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What about safe data erasure in data centres?

To securely erase data in data centres, we implement solutions for:

1. the erasure of data, stored in Storage Area Network (SAN) data storage facilities,
2. the erasure of data from virtual machines, all the way to the physical media, including the VMWare ESXi environment,
3. the erasure of data from USB drives, SD cards, micro drives, CompactFlash cards, and other flash memory devices.

The solution is also compliant with the security policy requirements applicable in the erasure of files and folders from a data centre by using a predefined deletion policy.

Try out the secure data erasure solution

Make sure the secure data erasure solution is truly safe and effective. Our cybersecurity experts would be happy to prepare a presentation of the solution.


Solutions for secure data erasure from mobile devices

In order to increase the safety, efficiency and compliance with standards and legislation, we combine powerful diagnostic tests with a secure erasure of data from mobile devices. Efficiency is of key importance when it comes to processing a large number of mobile devices for recycling, repair or resale.

To this end, we introduce solutions such as Blancco Mobile Solutions, which are designed flexibly and include comprehensive diagnostic tests as well as an established audit trail.


Erasure certificate

Each erased device receives a confirmation of data deletion, including the IMEI, FMiP, Rooted/Jailbroken verification and operator locks.

Upgrade your security mechanisms with secure data erasure solutions

Our experts can help you choose and set up a solution for a secure, reliable and efficient data erasure.

Our competency advantages


Our team of cybersecurity experts is deploying optimal solutions for secure data erasure.

Due diligence in handling sensitive data

We are certified to handle sensitive data.

Technology partners

We cooperate with technology leaders in cybersecurity.

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We provide a 24/7 technical support from our service centre.

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We work with global leaders in specific technology segments.

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