Content control of web traffic and SSL decryption

Why control web traffic and implement the SSL

Gartner reports 50% of all network attacks to be hidden in the SSL-encrypted traffic. The SSL connections bring advanced targeted attacks and other threats that evade the common network security safeguards. The SSL connection, on the other hand, is also an uncontrolled connection to the Internet, through which uncontrolled data theft can occur.



Simple configuration for a quick and efficient setup.

An increased visibility

Increases the capabilities (IDS/IPS, DLP, NGFW, sandbox) with expanded insight into the SSL traffic.


Integration of the solution into the existing security infrastructure for the sake of its fortification.

Strengthen the SSL traffic control

The insight into and control of the SSL-encrypted traffic is necessary because it can help:

  • eliminate the SSL blind spot,
  • get insight into the threat spreading process,
  • extend the life cycle of the existing security infrastructure,
  • maintain data privacy and GDPR compliance,
  • ensure data integrity and audits.

A secure web gateway for protection against targeted attacks

In order to ensure a comprehensive protection against advanced targeted attacks, set up a system to exchange detected data, which stops attacks at their source. This way you can control the three-key attack vectors, i.e. email, web traffic and end stations.

The ProxySG and CAS (Content Analysis System) devices exchange information via the ICAP protocol. The ProxySG device checks URLs, SSL decryption, categorisation and real-time blocking policies.


Get an insight into the SSL encrypted traffic

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