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Get insights and practical tips from our team of ICT experts on the next-generation challenges of cybersecurity and modern ICT networks.

The future of networks lies in the fabric networking

Modern fabric architecture based networks are robust and fault-tolerant networks with built-in redundancy. They ensure that the connection is restarted in the event of an interruption earlier than in a second, ensuring continued service and a good user experience. Automation built into switching infrastructure increases reliability.

Success Stories

We are showcasing the success stories of our customers in order to share experiences in solving the cybersecurity challenges and in providing reliable and responsive business networks.

Good practice: Renewal of LAN network in Port Koper

With a reliable and technologically advanced communication network based on the Extreme Networks solutions, Port Koper adapts the customer service and stays ahead of other competitive ports.


We organize exclusive events with selected experts in the field of digital business transformation. Gain expert and direct insights into technology solutions for ensuring cybersecurity and reliable networks.

Sophos Webinars: Live Hacking – The Dark World of Hackers

Venture into the dark world of hacking and find out how well equipped you’re against cyberattacks! In three exclusive webinars done by our technology partner Sophos, you will get the necessary know-how and tools to protect your sensitive data and devices.

White papers

Our cybersecurity and networking experts describe a theory behind a new pieces of technology and innovations. They present the answers to modern cyber security and networking challenges from a different angles and perspectives.

eBook: Optimizing Your Wired and Wireless Network

Download your free copy get the chance to know how to reduce reliance on manual operations in simplify you business with Juniper Mist WLAN platform.


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