Integration of systems and software

Integration of systems and software

A series of interrelated and time-coordinated activities, i.e. the system integration, is critical for a successful system or software operation.


Ordering equipment


Preparation and construction


Monitoring and testing


Successful integration of a system or software

Setting up a project team and a team of contractors

We have formed project teams as well as own teams of contractors to implement integration services for all planned systems within a set of solutions for different market segments. An organised team of experts in applied development and software integration provides highly efficient services, also in the field of applied solutions.

For a successful implementation of the project, we provide:

  • Preparatory work for mounting ICT equipment on-site
  • Assembly of equipment and performance testing in our laboratory before implementing it at the client’s location
  • On-site installation and adjustment of equipment
  • Software download and parametrisation
  • Integration with other systems and entry of initial datasets
  • Measurements and testing of systems, software and components
  • Engaging in operation
  • Conclusion of a project, which includes a check whether the completed project has achieved its objective, the elaborated documentation and final reports
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We work by projects

Our qualified project leaders and internationally certified project managers take care of a high-quality project planning, reporting, customer coordination, coordination of work provided by contractors, change management and reports for the client and the management.

Project managers are responsible for a successful business and professional execution of the project in accordance with the client’s expectations, the contractual requirements and the regulatory requirements for the respective facilities, within the estimated budget and in the expected quality.

Other departments or divisions of our company are also involved in the implementation of the projects either directly or indirectly.


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Project work

Our team of qualified and internationally certified project managers ensures high-quality project planning, organisation, management and coordination of work provided by contractors, reports and client coordination, monitoring, risk and change management, and reports for the client.


For the implementation of systems integration services, we set up own project teams as projects are mostly carried out by our internal experts.

Own laboratory

The developed technical solutions are verified in our own state-of-the-art laboratory.

Committed to quality

Our quality management system is based on the SIST ISO 9001: 2015 standard requirements and on a process-oriented approach. We strive for excellence in project implementation and monitor the technological developments in the ICT field.

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