Public sector and public administration

Reliable and secure networks operating in the interest of the public

Only a reliable, secure and high-performance network enables public administrations and public institutions to provide efficient as well as accessible services and web applications.

A public administration with trusted and advanced ICT solutions

On the one hand, our solutions provide protection of sensitive data, while on the other hand, they allow a controlled (authenticated) access to organisations and departments located in different locations, mostly across the entire country.

Within a secure network, they can communicate with each other in real time. All this results in an increased efficiency of the public administration and improved services for all users.

Why opt for the Smart Com team?

Our knowledge and years of experience in establishing and integrating solutions for public administration can help you design, optimise and manage your ICT solution network, implement advanced ICT solutions and reduce the costs related to administration, training and identifying and correcting errors.


Our team includes more than 70 experts active in the network technology and cybersecurity.


Our team of experts is constantly learning and upgrading their knowledge, which is demonstrated by numerous professional certificates.

Service Centre

We have established a service model that allows a controlled impact on costs optimisation in the set-up and management of ICT systems.

Partners in the field of technology

We work with global leaders in specific technology segments

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