Backbone networks

Backbone network benefits

Providing the connectivity between different users and their information systems in the same or a separate geographic location, backbone networks are an essential element of IP/MPLS and Metro Ethernet communication systems.


Connecting users

Connecting users with the data centre and the internet.
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Mobile networks

Providing a transport network to serve mobile networks.

Interconnectivity of networks

Interconnectivity of ISP networks

Provide users with an ultimate service experience

Backbone networks are set up using either the established IP/MPLS technology, or the non-complex Metro Ethernet systems in case of small environments. In both cases, the solution enables the following features:

  • provision of high bandwidths,
  • low latency, high network availability,
  • multi-service network with service virtualisation,
  • easy management through a graphical user interface.

Case Study: Renewal of LAN network in Port Koper

With a reliable and technologically advanced communication network based on the Extreme Networks solutions, Port Koper adapts the customer service and stays ahead of other competitive ports.

They also put great emphasis on the security aspect and an overview of the current situation at both the network and the application level.


Is your network adapted to the new generation of services?

We can study your network and help you implement state-of-the-art solutions. Present us with your challenge.

Why choose our team to help you set up the backbone network?

Thanks to many years of experience, our network technology team can set up a backbone network offering the right quality, reliability and availability for all types of new services.


A team of experts in advanced network technologies.


We are constantly upgrading and complementing our knowledge with renowned international certificates in network technologies.

Own laboratory

The developed solutions are verified in our own state-of-the-art laboratory.

Partners in the field of technology

We are setting up backbone networks in cooperation with global technology leaders.

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