Cyber security in an industrial environment

Implement cybersecurity in industrial environments

The rise of increasing security risks in industrial environments opens new security issues in the OT environments as well.


Convergence between IT and OT

varnostni incidenti

Specialised security threats


Outdated software


Lack of control and insight

The process systems are a tempting target

By introducing new automation technologies to the industry and by digitalising processes, the “isolated” operating environments have become “open” and under threat against digitally targeted attacks.

The attackers exploit the vulnerabilities of legacy operating systems and devices, since security updates are not implemented regularly. This is why cybersecurity is critical in OT environments.

Vulnerable industrial environments


Electric power system


Logistics and infrastructure




Food industry




Healthcare sector

It is high time for industrial cybersecurity

Cyber security is introduced into the OT through measures and mechanisms that are already embedded into the basic process system development concepts. System anomalies, as well as successful cyber attacks, can make the system unavailable or cause it to restart or shut down completely.

The threats are real – Stuxnet

Stuxnet is a computer worm created in 2010 as an online weapon for attacking industrial control systems. It enters the system through a USB stick, where it attacks Microsoft Windows operating systems.

It exploits its hidden vulnerabilities and threatens the target system controllers, i.e. it takes control and misleads the SCADA system by providing fake information, which makes SCADA fail to detect the true value of variables.

Its devastating consequences were portrayed in a documentary.

Cyber security in OT: Business and technical advantages

The introduction of cybersecurity measures and mechanisms into the industrial environments brings:

Improved surveillance and security systems
Improved reliability and availability of systems
Lower maintenance costs
Increased investor confidence
Improved reputation of the company
Lower insurance premiums
Stable and well organised work environment for the employees

Secure your industrial control system (ICS) environments

Protecting infrastructure against cyber threats is critical in any Operational Technology (OT) environment.

With Trend Micro ICS solutions you can ensure network segmentation and protect mission-critical devices from advanced cyberattacks.


Reduce security risks

Wondering which solution designed to build or enhance cybersecurity is right for you? Our cybersecurity experts can help you.

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