Secure data transfer

Secure data transfer

Reduce the risk of data misuse or theft by establishing secure data solutions for the transmission path.

Use VPN to establish a cost-effective, secure connection between office branches or allow remote access to company data. You can use dedicated VPN devices of different capacities for this purpose.

Employees can be allowed remote access by an encrypted, secure mobile phone that can serve both for normal GSM/SMS communication as well as confidential encrypted conversations and messages between individuals or within a group.

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No security patches needed

The devices are intended exclusively for encrypting data on their transmission path. For this reason, there are no security risks resulting from integrated functionalities.

IP protocol-based operation

There is no need to install software on the end device as the functioning is independent of the computer’s OS or even of the device/machine that needs secure communication.

High availability

The roles of managers and supervisors are separated by setting up a central management and control system.

Multiple encryption options

There are three possible ways to encrypt traffic, i.e. by MACSEC, L2 through L3 and L3 (IPSEC).

The highest level of data protection on transmission path

Introducing the data and information protection solution working on the transmission path ensures the highest possible degree of security. This fact was confirmed by the Government Office for the Protection of Classified Information of the Republic of Slovenia, which issued a permit for the solution to be used in environments where the highest possible security and confidentiality are required.

Network devices for secure connectivity

To protect and securely transmit the most sensitive of data, we establish a certified VPN crypt used for secure communication over the less secure IP networks. To implement the solution, we use devices ranging from small mobile units to high-performance servers. The VPN performance ranges from 15 Mbps to 40 Gbps.

These devices were developed in close collaboration with top cryptography experts. They have received the EAL 5+ certificate of excellence and are suitable for protecting sensitive information from companies and individuals as well as the transfer of classified information.

The main advantages of the solution:

  • A verified and approved encryption method
  • Powerful encryption algorithms
  • Flexibility
  • Availability in different sizes (format factors)
  • Centralised management
  • Cost efficiency
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Protect data on their transmission path

Our cybersecurity experts can help you select and deploy a solution designed to protect data on the transmission path. Present us with your challenge.

Encrypted mobile devices

A secure mobile phone is the right solution for all users who would like to tap into multiple options in using a single device, while making sure the voice and data information on such devices is secure. Namely, a secure mobile phone can be used as an encrypted USB stick to store sensitive data. The full secure phone content is always encrypted, which means that messages, contacts, pictures and documents stored on it are secure as well.

Secure mobile phones work with the secure Android mobile operating system, which is compatible with all Android applications. The system provides the highest security with approved coverage, since the mobile phone operates with a VPN tunnel that connects the network and protects the complete IP communication. This means that all information in download as well as the voice, messaging, e-mail information etc. is protected. Encrypting a secure mobile phone disk with external keys protects the stored user data from being leaked or stolen.

Only pre-approved applications can be installed on a secure mobile phone. This prevents a malicious code or other unverified applications from being installed. Furthermore, every secure mobile phone allows the use of a GPS device, Bluetooth interface, etc. to be specified.

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What are the main features of encrypted mobile devices?

1. Android-based and compatible with all Android applications
2. All communication is encrypted using a VPN
3. Voice and message encryption from the initial to the end device
4. Regular security-related OTP updates
5. Full disk encryption
6. Simple to use with a standard Android user interface
7. Control over allowed applications


Reduce the security risks!

Our cybersecurity experts will answer all your questions related to the implementation of a secure data transmission path solution.

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Due diligence in handling sensitive data

Government of the RS has granted us the permission to use secure data transmission solutions in environments where the highest possible degree of security and confidentiality is required.


Our team of cybersecurity experts is deploying optimal solutions for secure data transfer.


Our experts have long-standing experience in establishing cyber solutions, constantly upgrading their knowledge in global trainings and courses.

Own laboratory

The technological solution is tested and verified in our own laboratory.

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