WAF and DDos protection

How can web applications be protected?

The Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides a proactive protection against web application attacks that seek to disable the service and steal sensitive information.

The advanced WAF redefines the web application protection by addressing and dealing with the most common security threats.


Automated attacks and robots that go beyond the existing security solutions

varnostni incidenti

Theft of credentials and the acquisition of unauthorized access through user accounts


New types of DDoS attacks and threats due to the rapid adoption of APIs

Advanced WAF for seamless business operations

It allows for a proactive protection of web apps and contents in both data centres as well as public clouds. At the same time, it provides hybrid protection. Introduce the advanced WAF and establish a proactive detection and defence of sensitive data, as well as defence against the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).


Protect your web applications against advanced security threats

Would you like to know whether an advanced WAF is the right solution to protect your web applications? Our experts will assist you in finding the right solution for your system.

How to protect a network from DDoS attacks?

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks or denial-of-service attacks are attacks whose main purpose is to disrupt normal network operation.

This is why we are introducing solutions that protect against the most comprehensive and ingenious DDoS attacks while creating minimal impact on business operations.


Layered defence

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In-depth behavioural analytics


SSL decryption

Which DDoS attacks does the network need protection from?

1. Attacks that use all available bandwidth through a network connection that connects applications to the Internet and other networks (i.e. a volumetric DDoS attack).

2. Attacks that attempt to overload web server resources by imitating legitimate application requirements, such as CPU or memory (i.e. an application DDos attack).

3. Attacks such as firewall status tables that attempt to deplete infrastructure resources, which leads to a firewall crash or degradation (i.e. a protocol DDos attack).

Demo available

Our cybersecurity experts will help you choose the most optimal and user-friendly solution to protect your system against advanced DDoS attacks. Request a demo version for your consideration.


Why opt for the Smart Com team?

Reasons to trust our team in establishing advanced web application security solutions and DDoS attack protection


Our team of cybersecurity experts specialises in the deployment of advanced security solutions to protect against advanced cyber threats.

Own laboratory

The developed technical solutions are verified in our own state-of-the-art laboratory.

Technical support

We provide 24/7 technical support at the service centre.

Partners in the field of technology

We work with global leaders in specific technology segments

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