About us

Our vision

To consolidate our position as one of the leading partners in establishing modern, complex and information-secure ICT infrastructures on the market.


Our mission

To realise the visions and address the ICT challenges of organizations from different business sectors. We are involved in every stage, from establishing the concept of a technological solution to its design, implementation and maintenance. Our key to success is the understanding the customers’ needs and their business processes.


We achieve our mission and vision by strengthening our long-term business relationships and partnerships in the areas of development, education, services and marketing.


We are committed to business excellence, professionalism, continuous learning, to creating a better future and positive impact on the wider social and natural environment in which we operate.

Turning an idea into a business

In April 1990, Filip Remškar founded the Smart Com company, with a vision to become the leading provider of telecommunication and information infrastructure. Market requirements and global development in this field pushed him and his colleagues to extend their knowledge in order to provide customers with the best technical solutions and services. These are the guidelines that Smart Com has followed throughout the years and which enabled the company to be, even today, to implement state-of-the arth ICT and solutions.

Today, the company is run by Jure Remškar, while Filip Remškar and Zdenka Remškar are involved in the management processes. The story of a successful family company further continues in the area of digital transformation of organisations.

Milestones in the development of our technological solutions

Committed to our team's development

Our employees are the most important part of the Smart Com’s success story.

Become a part of our Smart team

Employees are key to our company’s success. The values we share are reflected in each individual’s career as well as professional and personal development, which is crucial in our business area.

Check out the options for colaboration with our team of experts in cybersecurity, networking, big data and sales, marketing and business support departments.

Certificates and memberships

Our team is constantly upgrading their knowledge, which is demonstrated by numerous professional certificates. As a company, Smart Com also participates with and contributes to knowledge sharing within national and international associations.


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