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Our team of more than 70 employees includes mostly experts with education in the field of power engineering and informatics.
With us, you can build your career and personal development in three main fields.

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We have an open policy for students of science and technology with knowledge and experience in the fields of the ICT, software and hardware, programming, databases to join our company for an project work or work through a student work service.

Send your CV and introduce yourself to our team.


Introduce yourself

If we do not currently have open suitable job offers or. cooperation, despite the fact that we are not looking for your profile at the moment, we invite you to introduce yourself to us with your CV.

The most important part of our story

The most important part of our success is our dedicated team.
Our team members share the same values that are reflected in both professional and personal development of every individual.


Sustainable development

Sustainable development

As a professional team, we are constantly striving for improvement, following the development trends and responding to changes in a timely manner.


Positive orientation

Positive orientation

We are share enthusiasm and passion for work, which is why we promote a positive team spirit and an environment where we all feel well.




We respect the agreements we make and take responsibility for the success of our work. We are proud to be considered a reliable partner on the market.

Why do they love working at Smart Com?

The best way to learn more about a company’s culture and environment is to ask its employees. When asked how they would describe work at Smart Com, our employees said:


Peter Ceferin, CTO

I like working for Smart Com because we have created a top-notch team of experts and we can develop even the most challenging of the ICT solutions. Working in such an environment is a dream of every high-tech enthusiast.

Gregor Zupan

Gregor Zupan, Service Delivery Manager

At Smart Com, I am facing new challenges every day and that I find very motivational. A modern work environment and a great coworking team help me grow profesionally as well as personally.

Marko Verdnik

Marko Verdnik, Engineer

From the beginning, I have enjoyed the positive relationships among my colleagues and the creative atmosphere. Working in a technologically advanced environment gives me an opportunity to expand my skill set and enables my future development.


Anamarija D. Ličen, Project Manager in Marketing

The technologically advanced environment that encourages cooperation and improvement and responds to change offers ample opportunities for the development of my professional skills and professional progress. #smartfamily #togetherisbetter

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