The alarm and notification systems

The advantages of a notification and alarm solution

The Universal Intelligence System (MobiCall) represents a basic platform in the development of security solutions for processes where the either the health and lives of people or material assets need to be protected.

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Receiving signals and messages

Receive signals and messages from various systems. These messages can be sent in the form of a text or voice message.

Delivery through different systems

The messages are delivered through different systems such as an earth-line phone, VOIP-SIP, SMS, Wi-Fi, e-mail or radio network (DMR-Digital Mobile Radio, TETRA, SNMP, etc.).

Pre-defined scenarios

According to a pre-defined scenario, messages or signals are sent to one or more recipients.

Logging and escalation

The transmission of all messages (alarms) is recorded and escalated accordingly if there is no response to the sent message.

The main features of the notification and alarm solution

The notification and alarm solution is a modular solution enabling the construction of a comprehensive notification/alarm system that is easily integrated into the user’s work processes. The solution also includes modules for managing alarm scenarios, incoming signals, sending messages/alarms, validation and escalation, and statistics.

Since both notifying and alarming must be reliable, the solution requires a confirmation (acceptance) of the notification (e.g. in the event of conventional telephony). If no confirmation is received, the system can and will escalate the matter to the superior officer or the next person in the chain.

The solution is simple to use and does not disturb the basic work of responsible staff. It is also completely non-obstructive for users and does not interfere with their privacy.

The alarm and notification solution can be used in various environments for:

  • sending urgent messages,
  • convening an emergency team,
  • integrating with the technical security,
  • integrating into the fire alarm system,
  • reporting the alarms in electrical installations (UPS, boiler room, lighting, etc.),
  • integrating with the existing SCADA systems,
  • integrating with the data network (LAN, Wi-Fi),
  • convening conferences and hotlines,
  • recording conversations,
  • using user-tailored applications etc.
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Functional options of the solution

The system

  • Receiving phone calls (voicemail) via a SIP interface
  • Calling and forwarding voice messages via a SIP interface
  • Calling more than one person at the same time
  • Calling multiple people consecutively
  • Tool for planning a WEB interface for the user
  • Input of message recipients
  • Forming a group of people
  • Manually triggering alarm scenarios via a graphical interface
  • Automatic triggering of alarm scenarios according to the input interface
  • Escalation in case of no response
  • Overview of the events in the system
  • System configuration through a web GUI
  • Different levels of system administration

Graphical user interface

  • Users access the GUI through a web browser
  • Alarm status display
  • Displaying the progress of the alarm scenario
  • Parameter/data input via the user interface
  • Manually triggering alarm scenarios via the graphical user interface
  • User identity verification (username and password) when logging in to the user’s web portal

Additional functional options

  • Possibility to support conference calls
  • Possibility to record audio-speech and voice messages
  • Possibility of using a building evacuation system
  • Possibility of integration with existing and new applications via standard data exchange protocols

Extension options for the input/output interfaces and functionalities

  • Controller (analogue inputs, digital inputs/outputs, relay outputs) with TCP/IP connection
  • Redundant system operation
  • E-mail
  • TCP/IP
  • ESPA
  • SNMP
  • OPC
  • ODBC
  • Possibility to upgrade to ISDN BRI and/or PRI

Enhance security by introducing alarms

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