Data centers

The heart of information system and data control

In everyday business we deal with various data. To access and manage this data communications equipment is required. Information storage and data manipulation are carried out in data centers, the central point of any information system. Data Centre (DC) allows continuous, controlled, effective, even independent information system function, which provides you with the data and information system integrity and availability.

Smart Com offers planning, consulting, deployment, engineering, maintenance and monitoring at all stages of data center building:

  • Data Warehouse,
  • Server Infrastructure,
  • Data protection,
  • Communication equipment,
  • Resources and power supply,
  • Communication control center.

Data Warehouse

In data centers, the majority of data is stored in data warehouses, which can be in different styles and for different purposes. We can offer data warehouse for:

  • Secure data storage,
  • Optimal data access,
  • Data encryption,
  • Data compression,
  • Data deduplication etc..

We choose most advanced technologies intertwine with all segments.

Server Infrastructure

Servers are definitely most numerous equipment of the data center. Their main task is data processing – in different ways and for different purposes. Servers can be various forms, various roles and access the data through a number of communication channels and equipment. We offer full range of equipment:

  • Physical servers,
  • Terminal servers,
  • Servers and virtualization platforms,
  • Equipment for workstation virtualization.

Data protection

Tool for managing back-up copies allows you integrity and continuous access to critical business information on Windows, Linux, UNIX, and VMware.

The security mechanisms can protect your data in different environments such as: DAS (Direct Attached Storage), NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAN (Storage Area Network). This significantly improves capacity of the back-up copies management.

Our solutions support different ways and technologies for data archiving, such as Disk 2 disk, Disk 2 tape, Snap Shot, Snap Clone, Real Time Copy, Replication, DeDuplication etc.

Communication equipment

Data center is connected to different networks using different communication nodes (Internet, Local Area Network, colocation, other centers). We offer the widest range of technologies, including large number of different global manufacturers:

  • network switches,
  • optical switches,
  • routers,
  • crossings and bridges, and
  • transport systems.

Resources and power supply

Reliable and stable power supply of data center is essential. At planning and deployment stage we can help you with:

  • area electricity supply,
  • continuous power supply for bridging short outages and voltage stabilization,
  • power supply with diesel generator as additional option or other alternative source in case of long-lasting power outage,
  • connecting data center to the networks and Internet with a variety of technologies.

Communication control center

For events monitoring and notification in data center good cooperation of equipment and people is necessary. We offer consulting and control systems and communication center implementation.

Control center consists of administrative and security areas, area for performing certain tasks, physical security and movement restriction areas. Primarily should allow monitoring and information about center function that is way we also offer monitoring control system itself.

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