Smart Com understands the challenges faced by organizations in various market segments. In particular, we understand the specific needs with which organizations respond to the challenges of modern business. Our advantage is findings brought by many years of cooperation with a variety of users. We took every advantage of them for designing the best individual custom solutions that meet your specific needs and realize your vision.

Management of cutting-edge development and technology solutions, a number of partner connections and qualified specialists provide a comprehensive approach to providing ICT infrastructure for the following business segments.

Teleco Service Providers

We contribute to your competitiveness

Power Utility Companies

Smart Com is market leader in developin smart active networks »Smart Grids«


Robust, highly available network and safe user mobility

Financial institutions

Safe networks and user mobility are enablers of financial institutions’ service quality.

Infrastructure companies

Fully adapted networks with adequate telecommunication infrastructure for road and rail transport

Public sector

Providing a trusted, reliable and high-performance network
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