With the advanced Fabric networking technology Elektro Celje d. d. has everything to enable a reliable supply of electricity and sustainable development services for the customers


Elektro Celje d. d. provides for the administration, management, and operation of the distribution system, as well as maintenance, construction and renovation of power distribution lines and devices in an area that covers 4,345 km2 and it is the second longest network in the country.


Proper planning, administration, management, and operation of the ICT infrastructure is crucial for the smooth, reliable, and secure functioning of the company’s electricity distribution system. The reliability and security of network operation is also achieved by introducing modern ICT support based on the latest technological solutions.


At the last ICT modernization cycle, they decided for gradual implementation of a new fabric networking technology that would address all of the experienced challenges and help reach the identified goals, with as little disruption to Elektro Celje’s operations as possible.



They build the foundation of the new system on the industry-leading, Extreme Fabric Connect solution, and in conjunction with the building blocks of automation and management they increased the degree of automation in the network as well as level of cybersecurity and simplified management of the network. Larn about other positive effects by downloading this success story.


If you also are thinking about modernizing or upgrading your network infrastructure, you will find a lot of useful information and ideas to help you make an easier decision.


Success story Elektro Celje