Learn how Port Koper (Luka Koper) supports business growth and maintains its competitive edge over other ports by means of a modern and reliable communication network.


In line with the requirements of Port Koper information system, the development follows, among other things, the communication system. This ensures high reliability, availability, robustness, permeability, and responsiveness.



The convergence of various telecommunications services and an increasing need for cyber security led to the decision that the advanced LAN network will be based on the next-generation network switches provided by the leading technology provider Extreme Networks, which allow scalability and upgradeability with double critical building blocks in the network, implemented advanced protocols, and the Extreme Mangement Center (XMC).


As pointed out by freelance professional in the Electronics Department Edvin Raubar, who is responsible for the communication network, the Port’s employees can now get an overview of the entire network with just a few clicks. This ways, the Port simplified and optimised the processes, which is crucial for their scope of work.

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