Make sure that visibility and control are in place and that they detect real-time threats. These are the two prerequisites for ensuring reliability and high resilience to security and process risks in industrial networks.


Businesses and organisations make efforts to increase connectivity and digitise the systems in order to improve efficiency and competitive advantage. Unfortunately, this brings more exposure to security risks, which have never been more sophisticated and aggressive. However, solutions are now available to help you increase the visibility and security of the OT network.


Proper cyber attacks security is impossible without a comprehensive real-time insight into the OT environment and its elements (nodes and protocols) and without a close examination of security threats and risks as well as systemic anomalies. This has to be performed in a manner that is both safe and harmless for industrial control systems.

Security in OT environments ≠ Security in IT environments

It is impossible to achieve visibility and security in industrial networks by simply employing the same tools and approaches that are used to provide security in IT environments. This is because the OT environments have their own unique and specific features that need to be considered.


  • Security and reliability

Today, we encounter the 24/7/365 operation requirement and high-security risk processes. A network disruption or system failure can cause damage to people, equipment or the environment, which yields adverse economic effects.


  • Protocols in industrial systems

Many protocols in the OT environment are unknown to the IT world and bring security risks. The actual level of a security threat can be identified by performing a detailed analysis, using specialised techniques and approaches.


  • Various/diverse and outdated systems

Industrial systems are usually large-scale, include different elements, and consist of different connected architectures. The era of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) requires constant adaptation – devices are changing and new ones are being introduced.


Establish visibility and security in the OT network through machine learning and artificial intelligence

Vulnerable industrial environments in different economic sectors (critical infrastructure, power engineering, manufacturing, logistics, pharmacy, and healthcare as well as public services) now have an ideal opportunity to improve reliability, safety, and operational efficiency.


Modern solutions (such as Nozomi Networks) are designed based on detailed knowledge and understanding of industrial networks and processes. They are perfectly secure (do not affect the system performance – passive tracking) and provide a complete overview of the OT environment operation and real-time detection of cyber threats.


The implementation of these solutions into your system provides many benefits as it:

  1. Improves the network visibility and operation of the OT network
  2. Allows you to easily monitor and detect security and process risks
  3. Provides rapid response to detected threats

We have created a reference scheme of a tier architecture for tracking security threats and anomalies in an industrial environment. Acquire a complete overview of what is happening in the OT network and we will gladly assist and help you find the right solutions.