Care Signal

The solution benefits

The modern way of living prevents us from devoting sufficient time to those members of the society who need more care and attention than the rest. It is important to check whether they regularly take their prescription medicines, eat healthy, check their activities in general, including the physical activity, quality of sleep etc.

The Care Signal solution built by our development team allows and provides greater independence, removes the burden from relatives/caregivers, improves the quality of care, improves availability and allows reporting on adverse events. Furthermore, it allows remote contact with the loved ones and, to put it in a nutshell, it improves the overall quality of life.


The security and independence of care recipients


A relief for caregivers and relatives


Improving the quality of care


Improved availability of staff and relatives

varnostni incidenti

Detection and notification in case of unexpected events

The solution eliminates many problems posed by the modern way of life

It addresses the challenges of the modern world, such as the overload of relatives who are too busy to monitor directly the care recipients, unavailability or absence of relatives from the care recipient’s location, timely care, decrease in the ability to live independently, irregular taking of medication, inactivity, problems with medical devices, such as poorly installed bed railing etc.

Our experts will gladly review your case and advise on choosing the most optimal solution.

How does the Care Signal solution work?

Both the sensor platform and sensors can be positioned randomly in the room and no direct Internet connection is required for their operation as connectivity is provided through a mobile network as well.

The solution works in such a way that the person does not notice it unless interfering with their habits or usual lifestyle. The on-site installation of the system is fast and smooth.

Friends, family and others who would like to be connected to the sick, the elderly or people who live alone can at any time and anywhere be informed on what is currently happening in the environment (apartment, house) where a person resides through the mobile application (Android, iOS), which is part of the solution. The relatives can always monitor whether the events of the person who is being observed or cared for are within expectations.

With the help of the mobile application, you can easily monitor the information for each individual activity of the care recipient. It shows not only the person’s whereabouts and what they are doing, but also the sequence of their actions. This way, caregivers, relatives and others can always know what is going on with the person receiving care.

The solution also allows hands-free voice communication with the care recipient within the observation area and operates with a high degree of reliability.

In case of events such as a failure of the telecommunications network, improper use, battery depletion etc., the system will automatically notify the caregiver or other users of the service about any performance issues.

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Adaptability to user needs

The Care Signal solution does not involve video surveillance, works without the internet, is suitable for any home, and respects the privacy and dignity of the elderly.

Care Signal

Do any of your loved ones live alone?

Stop worrying about how they are doing and discover a smart way to keep in touch using the Care Signal solution.

Our competency advantages


A team of experts in sensor and network technologies with years of experience in developing cutting-edge ICT services.

A verified solution

The Care Signal solution allows an autonomous and independent life for many elderly people in Slovenia.

Own laboratory

The developed technical solutions are verified in our own state-of-the-art laboratory.

Committed to quality

Our quality management system is based on the SIST ISO 9001: 2015 standard requirements and on a process-oriented approach. We strive for excellence in project implementation and monitor technological developments in the field of ICT.

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