Mist Wired and Wireless Access

AI-driven WLAN platform for the digital era

Today’s enterprise networks have to support a large number of wireless connections, users and devices, as well as applications in private, public and hybrid environments. Traditional WLAN solutions, which are more than a decade old and based on antiquated, monolithic architectures, lack the scale, reliability, performance, and agility they need to address today’s challenging and diverse enterprise needs.


Reliance on manual operations


Difficult to manage


Not scalable for today’s digital users

Enabling the AI-Driven Enterprise

eGuide: Optimizing Your Wired and Wireless Network

Enterprise network users expect secure, fluid and reliable connectivity at all times, regardless of application and device type. The AI-Driven wired and wireless network delivers improved time-to-service with proactive anomaly detection, self-driving remediation, all in support of lowering IT costs.

Wireless networks have never been more critical to business, but also hard to manage and troubleshoot. Mist, with an inline AI engine, ensures reliability needed for mission-critical wired and wireless operations and the network itself is more resilient. Take the first step to new enterprise network, powered by AI.

Intelligent solution for unparalleled digital experience

Transform your business with a modern microservices cloud architecture and inline engine that provides outstanding scale, agility, insight, and automation.

Subscription Services

Get groundbreaking subscription services for the perfect blend of connectivity, troubleshooting, analytics, and engagement.


Wi-Fi Assurance


Wired Assurance


Premium Analytics


Marvis Virtual Network Assistant


User Engagement


Asset Visibility

Mist Access Points

Mist is leading the convergence of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® LE and IoT with our enterprise-grade Access Points.

Why implement Mist?

Mist, first AI-driven wireless platform is build for smart-device era and delivers unprecedented IT automation and insight into user experiences.

Stevilka ena

Bring full insights and automation into your network

Stevilka dva

Speed up troubleshooting and increase productivity

Stevilka tri

Deliver exceptional experiences to employees, guests, and customers

Stevilka stiri

Save time and money with network automation

Our expert recommends

Allow the industry-first AI-driven virtual network assistant to manage your network

Klaus Samardžić, senior engineer for designing network systems, explains: “The goal of using artificial intelligence in monitoring Wi-Fi networks is not to replace, but to upgrade the capabilities of the helpdesk staff and network administrators and simplify network operations.”

Marvis Virtual Network Assistance is the first AI-driven virtual network assistant. You can ask natural language questions and get intuitive answers on par with a wireless expert.


Transform your IT with AI

From reactive to proactive, from manual to automated to meet the highest SLEs expectations and business growth.

Our experts will examine your challenges and help you set up a solution tailored to you needs.

Our key competencies

There are few reasons why you can trust our team in building a modern automated business network.


We specialize in establishing modern networking technology concepts.

International certificates

We have a professional team specialised in networking solutions.

An integrated approach

We cooperate in the tasks of design, implementation and maintenance of Wi-Fi networks established with modern technologies.

Service centre

We provide 24/7 technical support at the service centre.

Our technology partners

We cooperate with global leaders in the field of network technology

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