The seven most reputable and successful in the category of small, medium and large companies are known. The selection of the best employers, which takes place under the auspices of the Zlata nit project, is the fourteenth in a row and the largest of its kind in Slovenia.


Thanks to Dnevnik’s project, Slovenia is the first country in the world to systematically measure the quality of workplace relations. Research has shown that caring for good relationships has positive effects on economic development. The results of the research on the quality of the relationship between employees and the organization reflected the company: where it works well and where its reserves for growth are.


If once companies won because of the power of the leader, today they win because of the power of the organization. Good leaders move from the spotlight to the background and create a support system that allows employees in the foreground to do well.


Strong companies of the 21st century are thus those that, in addition to financial statements, are aware of the importance of the quality of relations between the company and employees. Personal growth and employee efficiency are closely linked. The success of the organization, its potential for growth, and its resilience to the crisis depends on them. The question, however, is how should companies measure this intangible competitive advantage? This conundrum is eliminated by the selection of the best employers of the project Zlata nit.


The selection recognizes and promotes the best employers based on a simple, verified and credible measurement of the quality of the relationship between the organization and employees.


Smart Com among the finalists of the Zlata nit 2020 selection

At Smart Com, employees are the most important part of our story. We are proud that the most important link in the chain of our success is our dedicated team, which is distinguished by common values, that are reflected in the professional and personal development of each individual.


In Dnevnik’s selection of the Zlata nit project, seven finalists were determined from 59 registered companies in each size category – small, medium, and large companies. “The ranking of companies among the seven finalists in their category was influenced by the average results of the questionnaire among employees and performance. But more than numbers, quality relationships are important for finalists, which are also crucial for the growth and success of the company or organizations”, they wrote at Dnevnik.


Sincere congratulations also to the other finalists for the selection of the Zlata nit 2020.


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