We are excited to once again announce the traditional technology conference, which brings an in-depth insight into new technological trends in the field of network technologies and cyber security, innovative ideas and solutions to simplify the complexity of IT infrastructure, and a meet-up with top Smart Com experts.


25. Technology Conference Smart Com


This year’s event will feature:

  • technologically exciting lectures,
  • invited speakers,
  • exclusive professional content and
  • plenty of networking and fun


Join us on 12. and 13. October 2023 at the Terme Zreče Congress Center, where we will unite the experience and knowledge shared under the slogan Reliable. Flexible. Secure.


We designed three content sections, which once again provide answers to the current challenges of ensuring cyber resilience in IT and ICS/OT environments and in modern business networks.



Become a part of the 2-day event and learn about the trends in ensuring the security of business and process environments and address the modern challenges that we’re solving with modern networks.


Learn how to make responsible and thoughtful decisions to maintain a competitive advantage and increase your chances of success in a changing and challenging business environment.



Benefit from the wealth of knowledge gained by others! Good practices represent proven approaches and solution. These are a valuable resource for achieving results and navigating challenging situations and demanding situations.


Together is better.

Stay connected and at the forefront of the ever-evolving technological environment.


Technology conference Smart Com brings together experts and leaders from various field with extensive experience.


Engage in an exchange of ideas and broaden your technological horizons.


The event is free and exclusive for invited guests only.